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Manodamp Movement Pointer Dampening for Pressure Gauges Schmierer

Rough industrial work environments with

  • vibrations
  • sudden pressure changes or
  • high purity demands

require a special protection mechanism for the pressure gauge movement with the needle pointer. The Manodamp® technology offers this solution.

Ensim Dx-EFS Flow Switches explosion proofThe DX-EFSs high precision flowswitch from Ensim detects flow or no flow of water, lubricating oils, gases and aggressive media inside a pipe without the need of cooling the liquid:

  • high precision
  • easy assembly and adjustment
  • explosion proof, CE certified
  • relay circuit contactless with liquid
  • low pressure drop


The blow off of exhaust steam vapor in the degassing process causes a continuous steam loss of 0.2-0.5%. This has always been an issue without a good solution in place.

The OxySteam Regulation System from Centec monitors and controls the steam exhaust by an Oxygen sensor and can be connected to an automated shut-off valve:

  • savings up to 95% of steam loss
  • easy installation, inbuilt valve control software
  • ROI less than 1 year for 10ton+ boilers
  • 3 months free testing with sensor return option

Ensim Float Level Switch explosion proof ATEX top or side mounted DX-ELB Model

The Ensim DX-ELB explosion proof level switch is designed for alarm level control in pressure boilers and stringent liquid tanks. It provides a long-lasting measurement opportunity for point control in liquid tanks with high pressure or temperature.

  • resistance to high temperature, up to 250°C
  • up to 25 bar pressure
  • for liquids and optionally granular fluids
  • long lasting contact structure
  • operations in vertical or horizontal connection

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