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Bopp Reuther Spiramag electro magnetic flowmeterThe SpiraMAG® series of electro-magnetic flowmeters from Bopp & Reuther measures the continuous flow of conductive liquids (>5µS/cm) like water, waste water in the water, paper&pulp, f&b sector.

The series comprises the nominal diameters DN 15 to DN 1000 and is available in the pressure stages PN 10/16/40.

Different connections and output signals are available.

but the Ex system needs to be expanded? Before you buy another control cabinet, BEx has the solution: additional isolating amplifiers and IO modules are not required. Our compact Ex Remote IO module combines these components in one device and is installed directly in the Ex area.

Conventional Ex-Remote IOs are complex. The solution: the world's smallest Ex-Remote IO module.For a better overall design and decentralized structure of your system.

Troubleshooting in Ex systems is extremely time consuming. Not any more. BEx IO modules show you where the problem exactly occurs. You get a comprehensive diagnosis on the control unit and a visual display directly on the remote IO module.

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Installing a new system and its cabling is time-consuming. The BEx Remote IO module is close to the sensors and actuators and you only need to lay a bus cable to the PLC. This saves an enormous amount of time and effort, which means that you can install your system more quickly and stress-free.

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