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One of the most flexible and universally applicable volumetric flow measurement systems:SSEAelectromagneticflowmeter

  • no moving parts
  • for conductive, water-based liquids
  • low pressure drop
  • for sanitary, F&B, chemical, waste water
  • up to 180°C (PFA lining)

ensimflowswitchEFS Flow switches from Ensim detect if there is liquid flow in pipes. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The set switch value can be adjusted by rotating the washer inside the body.

centecdegassingControlling the degassed O2 content with the OXYTRANS TR Sensor in the vapour can reduce the steam loss in a boiler up to 95%

  • Optical technology; no electrolyte and membrane changes
  • Short response time and excellent long-term stability
  • Ideally suited for high temperature applications


mineralinsulatedLimatherm Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Sensors are

  • highly resistant to vibrations and shock
  • easily bendable and formable in any direction with no risk of short-circuiting their electrodes
  • suitable for inaccessible sites in small elements
  • used for units with small diameters and low thermal inertia
  • applied in the chemical, petro chemical, heavy power, civil and industrial sector
  • available for corrosive aggressive media, (isolated junction, special sheath)

sseastabilizerThe SRU25 fully stainless steel pressure gauge is equiped with an inbuilt silicon jelly stabilizer movement for mechanical dampening against pressure spikes, vibrations, etc.

  • stable and reliable reading by a specially designed movement part
  • no oil leakage, no blurry display
  • no glycerine oil filling or refilling required, low maintenance
  • for high purity, F&B, Pharma: no risk of contamination of process media