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Biogas Measurement Hoentsch Anaerobic Digester MonitoringBiogas measurement provides gas quantity output data, detects the efficiency of a fermentation tank, controls combustion efficiency of the boiler and monitors greenhouse gas emission (CH4 and CO2).

Raw Biogas is usually measured with a low flow rate and pressure of 50-60 mbar and an ambient temperature rising to 50°C after fermentation. Water-saturated biogas can cause 5-6 vol % liquid water in the pipe after cooling down. Particles can cause clogging. Water vapor and H2S forms a corrosive acid. Backflow and scaling of bacteria may appear. Hazardous area certification is required.

Hoentzsch Airflow Monitoring Spray Coating Paint Booth laminar flow, exhaust flow measurementIn coating facilities for beverage cans, cars, truck bodies, etc. air flow velocity needs to be measured accurately at different points:

  • laminar flow has to be ensured in the spray booth to get optimal results and
  • the exhaust air in the coating booth and the chamber kiln have to be monitored for safety and environmental reasons.

SSEA Schmierer South Eeat Asia Ultrasonic clamp on flowmeter sensor transit typeUltrasonic transit time flowmeters measure the flow velocity by 2 transducers clamped on outside the pipe for sending and receiving ultrasonic signals:

  • easy installation and retro fitting - no pipe cutting
  • no flow interruption during installation and maintenance
  • no moving parts - no wear and tear
  • for pipe sizes from 25 up to 5000 mm
  • unaffected by density, concentration or temperature
  • rugged and reliable


Diaphragm seals are used to protect pressure instruments from corrosive, viscous, clogging or hot process media and safeguard highly hygienic and ultra pure liquids from contamination.The seals and membranes are customized for a variety of applications with different materials, coatings and linings, mounting and connection types.

This video from Simple Science explains the different types of pressure gauges, (Bourdon Tube, Diaphragm, Capsule, Bellow) and their working principles.

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