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IO-Link Technology: highest transparency to lowest sensor level

IO Link sensors and transmitters from Mueller IEIO Link provides a cost-effective bi-directional point to point data transmission between sensor and control systems with additional sensor and transfer data (error, diagnostic, status messages) IoT benefits for improved maintenance, reconfiguration and reduced downtimes. Standard 3 wire cables connect to the Master IO link device which communicates through any Field Bus technology to the control system. IO sensors do not require expensive HART or IP features.

ller IE extends different IO-Link compatible sensors for temperature, pressure, force and load cell applications. The control, diagnostic and monitoring functions optimize processes and create ideal conditions for Industry 4.0 applications in the machine and plant environment. Watch Video What is IO-Link

IOlink sensor Müller Industrie Elektronik


  • real time diagnostics, predictive maintenance
  • easy and remote configuration and control of parameters
  • easy sensor replacement without reconfiguration
  • manipulation security with wire break detection


IO Devices for configuration and monitoring

O-FLY WLAN MasterIOfly IO WLAN and Bluetooth Master for Android and IPads for intuitive operation, configuration and monitoring from Müller Industrie Elektronik

The iO-Fly connects IO-Link capable sensors or actuators via WLAN or Bluetooth LE with Android or iPad tablets. The built-in rechargeable
battery supplies the device and also the connected IO-Link device with power and thus ensures mobile working for more than three hours.

IOT-KEY Cloud SolutionIOkey

More than 10.000 IO-Link sensors from over 200 manufacturers are detected automatically via Plug & Play. The sensor data is transferred to the cloud via radio (NB-IoT) without intervention in the IT infrastructure, regardless of location. There, the user can conveniently monitor and analyze the data, be notified by e-mail and SMS in case of value changes, and perform simple switching and control tasks.

IO Transmitter

Temperature and Universal IO-Link Transmitter with IO Link Interface for standard sensors - a wide range of applications.

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