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shortest filling times for liquid filling machines

BoppReuther electro magnetic Filling and dosing stationShortest filling times with highest measuring accuracy. Guaranteed!

Bopp & Reuther convinces the beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industry with high-precision filling and dosing instruments. With filling times of less than  0.1 seconds, our electromagnetic flowmeters deliver one of the shortest on the market with a measuring accuracy of 0.01%.

Working Principle:

Electromagnetic flowmeters belong to the group of direct volumetric meters. They work according to the Faraday principle. They work according to the Faraday principle. In contrast to all other magnetic-inductive flow meters available in the market, they work in an alternating field instead of a synchronised DC field. This enables higher measuring dynamics and faster, precise measurements for dosing filling timing down to 100 ms. The batch controller regulates the flowmeters, valves and communicates with the PLC.

Bopp Reuther filling dosing applicationsApplication Fields:

  • milk and dairy products (also with pieces of fruit), ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, sauces, dressings
  • cleaning and washing agents, medical products (e.g. stomach gels), sterile injection products
  • cosmetics

Special Features:

  • shortest dosing times less than 100 ms possibleBopp & Reuther dosing and filling electro magnetic flowmeter fast and sensitive
  • small dimensions of the sensor
  • conductivity >1µS/cm
  • complete system for linear and rotative filling machines
  • wide range of filling quantity with various diameters, easy adjustment
  • direct control of the dosing valve
  • easy CIP / SIP cleaning
  • change of flow transmitter without re-programming possible
Compact Dosing Control:

dosierloesungen controllersThe Compatce Dosing Control Unit MDS-PLC controls of up to 4 meters and 4 valves in small filling machines. The MDS-PLC configures the parameters and settings, visualizes the data and controls the valves.By using this compact controller, manufacturers can quickly integrate the dosing functions into their filling machines. No additional PLC is required. The compact controller is operated via the external inputs or via the touch screen.