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Ensim Instruments

LONCA, one of the leading companies of Turkey in measurement-control devices, was founded in 1984 in Istanbul. it has been driven by a spirit of innovation and growing fast its services. Since 2001, the company has begun to manufacture various level sensors with the brand certificates"Ensim Sensors" by maintaining relevant ISO certificates of all products and become the only national manufacturer.

Ensim Sensors`s product portfolio spans the entire spectrum of modern measurement devices. It extends from flowmeters, pressuremeters, level sensors to control devices and temperature measurement equipments.

Ensim Portfolio

Float Level Switch
Float Level Transmitter
Float Level Switch sidemounted
Capacitance Level Switch
Capacitance Level Transmitter
Radar Level Transmitter
Vibrating Rod Level Switch
Rotary Level Switch
Flow Paddle Switch
Conductivity Level Switch
Conductivity multiple switch
Flow Switch & Display