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Tank Level Measurement with a DP Gauge/Transmitter

Learn how a differential pressure instrument works and how to measure the water or oil level of a closed tank with a DP transmitter.

Differential Pressure Instruments

A pressure chamber will be separated by a thin diaphragm. This diaphragm is under static pressure from both chambers and additionally from one chamber with the measuring pressure. The diaphragm will transmit the pressure difference through a bellow onto the movement. The movement indicates the positive or negative value on a dial with 270° angle. A bellow on the opposite side compensates the power. 

DP Gauges are available from 0-1 bar to 0-25 bar with cases in 100 mm and 160 mm. They are made of stainless steel with standard connections of ½” BSP. 

Differential pressure gauges are used for the measurement of gases and fluids; these can also be aggressive.Accuracy is ± 1,6% of full scale deflection. The ambient temperature shall be -20…+60°C; the medium temperature not higher than +100°C.

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