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Density and Concentration Meter DIMF

BoppReuther Dimf Density and Concentration MeterThe DIMF liquid density meter from Bopp & Reuther is used for continuous measurement of the density/concentration of liquids or liquid mixtures:

  • for hydrocarbons, highly aggressive chemicals, beverages, pastes, foams
  • high accuracy (up to 0.01%) - custody transfer - long term stability
  • tuning fork principle - robust design - maintenance free
  • 400 point correction table for customized parameterization
  • Output signals scalable for density and concentration, HART
  • Ex protection: flameproof or intrinsically safe

Working Principle:

DIMF density and concentration measurement for liquid, oils, aggressive media, beverageThe DIMF density/concentration meter is based on the oscillating element principle. The fluid flows through the oscillating element (a tuning fork or tube) that is excited electro-magnetically and will oscillate at its natural frequency. Changes in the density of the fluid lead to changes in the natural frequency. These frequency changes will be picked up by the electronic transducer and converted into a signal proportional to density or concentration

Application Fields:

  • Oil and Gas: changing product detection in flow
  • Chemistry and pharmaceutical: highly aggressive liquids, mixture or liquids in a solution
  • Food and beverage: °Brix, °Plato, foams, suspensions
  • Energy and power plants
  • Shipbuilding