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PIPOC Highlights

 Thank you for visiting us at the PIPOC 2019 fair



The Minister for Primary Industries came for an unscheduled visit to our booth


 IMG 20191119 WA0000 1574167862543  IMG 20191121 WA0006
our booth 199 A the Schmierer SEA team



IMG 20191119 WA0001 pg IMG 20191121 WA0028
 PG with mechanical dampening Testing and calibrating  PG models, diaphragm seals, etc.
 IMG 20191121 WA0081  IMG 20191121 WA0089  IMG 20191121 WA0001 1574352713346
 Pressure Transmitter, DP Transm.  RTD, TC Temperature Float, Capacitance Level
 IMG 20191119 WA0020  IMG 20191121 WA0086  IMG 20191121 WA0120
 DP Pitot Tube (Flue Gas, Steam) El Mag, Turbine, Vortex, Gasflow PD for batching and fiscal m.
 IMG 20191121 WA0128  IMG 20191121 WA0041  IMG 20191121 WA0076
 Flap Flow for Slurries  Ultrasonic clamp on Flow  Vortex for Steam and Biogas