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Pressure Gauge with Stabilizer Movement

SSEA Pressure Gauge with Stabilizer Movement SRU25The SRU25 fully stainless steel pressure gauge is equiped with an inbuilt silicon jelly stabilizer movement for mechanical dampening against pressure spikes, vibrations, etc.

  • stable and reliable reading by a specially designed movement part
  • no oil leakage, no blurry display
  • no glycerine oil filling or refilling required, low maintenance
  • for high purity, F&B, Pharma: no risk of contamination of process media



SRU25XSRU 25 Pressure Gauge Features:

  • Rugged fully stainless steel construction:
    • Seamless tube bourdon, socket SS316L
    • NACE, TIG welding
    • Shatterproof 2 layer safety glass
    • Case, Bezel, Movement SS304
    • NBR nitrile rubber gasket for oil resistance, IP 66 protected
  • Pressure range from -1 to 15 bar, 0 – 100 bar (opt. up to 1600 bar)
  • Temperature compensated Neopren Rubber Blow Out Disc
  • Dual display bar/psi
  • Zero re-adjustable pointer on white aluminium dial
  • Tropicalized blow-off plug for overpressure
  • QC: factory Helium leak test of bourdon
  • QC: physical inspection, function test in Malaysia
  • Laser printed serial number for tracking and warranty claims
  • opt. with threaded or flanged diaphragm seal (-1 to 400 bar)